NY+LON Streets with CQuest™ Bio backing


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NY+LON Streets is an urban carpet collection, taking you on a journey through two of the world’s iconic cities, New York and London.

There are six products in the collection; Wheler Street, Old Street, Dover Street, and Reade Street interpret familiar street textures in a variety of scales, Mercer Street embraces an unconventional grid pattern, and Broome Street injects contemporary colour.

The collection uses Interface’s new CQuest™Bio backing, made with carbon negative materials. CQuest™Bio is non-vinyl, non-bitumen made with a bio-composite, containing bio-based and recycled fillers. These materials, when measured on a standalone basis are net carbon negative – greatly reducing the carbon footprint.

NY+LON Streets is carbon neutral throughout its full product life cycle through Interface’s Carbon Neutral Floors™ Programme.

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