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The Danish company Gamle Mursten reclaims old bricks from demolition sites. The bricks are machine-cleaned, hand-sorted, stacked by robots and sold for new building and renovation projects where clients want to minimise the impact of unnecessary CO2 emissions on the environment, as well as wanting brickwork with patina and character.

The old bricks often come from buildings dating back to 1900-1960. These bricks were fired in an old-fashioned ring oven, where the coal helped to give the clay a unique spectrum of colours. The old-fashioned production process and deference to the craft has given the bricks a long lifespan.

The bricks can be used for building projects where a rustic look is desired, or for renovating existing buildings. Using bricks that have been used before and acquired a patina, which matches the existing walls/roof means that repairs to older buildings will not be visible.

The black bricks are yellow bricks patinated with a mixture of lime water and pigment dye.

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