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Natural wood-based material for panels, moulding and various other design work. The standard Organoid material uses particles of spruce wood and integrates bark chips. Many other materials can also be used, from agave to coconut and barley to hemp. The composite uses a natural binder too, ensuring a material that is completely biodegradable.

The manufacturing process is novel. An inflatable inner form, shaped as desired, is placed under pressure and covered with a vacuum film. Then natural biotic materials (e.g. wood chips, reed or straw), ground to various degrees of fineness and combined with a natural binder of the required strength, are sprayed on. Next, the still-damp and flexible material is covered with another vacuum film and hermetically sealed. With the application of a defined negative pressure, the biocomposite is compressed and then hardened into its final form.

Dimensions range from 200mm x 300mm x 500mm panels, up to huge blocks of 20m x 10m x 6m, suitable for prototyping. Thicknesses of panelling range from 2mm to 200mm.

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