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Ornimat fibre cement façade panel

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Top quality to the edge
Thanks to the water-based UV-resistant polyurethane paint, Ornimat is a durable and colourfast panel. After production, the panel is completely coated, giving a special touch to your façade. The panels are naturally dried in drying rooms, giving the panels extra strong and slightly elastic qualities.

From standard colours to nearly all RAL-NCS colours
SVK has a large assortment of colour, from neutral Essentials colours to the striking Elements collection. From 50 m2, you can order almost all RAL and NCS colours. The two components of UV-resistant coating provide an even and smooth look.

What you use is what you pay
The Ornimat façade panels are customisable to the final details. SVK does not work with one standard size, which means there are never leftovers. You only pay for the material that is used for the façade, which is calculated in advance, giving you a perfect image of what your façade will look like. A prefab product leaves the factory, which is delivered to you with a placement plan and numbered panels. This way, the panels can be fitted in the right place.

Low maintenance
Thanks to the premium coating, the panels need little maintenance. Water or water with all-purpose cleaner is enough to clean the panels.

The Ornimat fibre cement façade panels have a smooth surface and a matte look. The front is coated with a bi-component UV-resistant polyurethane paint. The back is coated with a water-based protective coating.

All sizes are customisable. Max. size of 1 panel: 3,070 x 1,220 mm.

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