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OSB wooden floor tiles


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Wooden floor tiles made out of FSC & PEFC certified zero-formaldehyde OSB (Oriented Strand Board, which means chipped wood, mixed with a little formaldehyde-free resin, pressed into solid wood boards). The fact that it is formaldehyde-free makes it a suitable product for interior use, as opposed to ‘normal’ OSB.

OSB floors are suitable for domestic as well as project application.

In the factory, boards are made to required sizes and treated with flooring oils composed out of natural oils and waxes.

OSB floors are easy to clean and maintain and last for a long time.

OSB floor tiles are available in 2 standard sizes:
60 x 60 cm
60 x120 cm

Both sizes come in 15 expressive colours.

Custom sizes and colours are optional.

All floors are produced exclusively to order, since doesn’t want to produce more than necessary. This way they make sure trees can grow as long as possible and they don’t use excessive energy.

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