Paper sculptures

United Kingdom
Kuniko Maeda

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- story by MaterialDistrict

Designer Kuniko Maeda uses paper carry bags as the main resource to make these paper sculptures. While we can find various types of quality and size of paper bags, we barely notice the value and beauty of paper. We take the material for granted, because paper bags are cheap, disposable and nothing more than that.

Instead of throwing them away, Maeda uses the paper to make works of art, applying the use of natural painting on paper through the examination of Japanese traditional craft technique for potential approaches to long lasting paper and upgrading the quality of the material.

Maeda adds new value to waste paper by combining traditional craft technique and a new technology, laser cutting.

Maeda works with paper, often recycled, partly because of its many common uses, easy availability and its therefore unappreciated nature. Paper also has an adaptability and elasticity when set within a variety of configurations. By exploring the possibility of materials and their unique properties, Maeda allows the materials to speak and embrace abstraction.

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