Paris Picket mosaics


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Add colour and originality to any interior with The Mosaic Factory’s brand new Paris Picket series. The Paris Picket mosaics have a playful and unique hexagon shape, which is new to their assortment. Because of this shape, the mosaics form an interlock pattern once they are laid out. The mosaics are suited for both interior and exterior design, since they are weather and UV resistant. The Paris Picket series are not suited for floors though, because the glossy layer of these tiles could then get scratched.

The Paris Picket mosaics are available in four glossy colours: pink, white, blue and green grey. All though these colours are considered trendy, they are still relatively neutral and will therefore fit in any interior. For example, the blue and green grey mosaics match perfectly with a more modern or industrial decor, while the pink and white tiles are incredibly suited for a romantic or country-style look.

Whatever interior style you are looking for, the Paris Picket mosaics will always be a beautiful addition. They gave any space a striking yet subtle detail, which makes them suitable for so many concepts. Discover the beauty of the Paris Picket series and get inspired to use them in your home, bar, restaurant, retail store or any other project!

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