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The Acoustic Pet Felt is made of 100% PET. PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate. This soft felt material comes from recycled PET bottles and can be used in many ways for the interior. Think of wall panels, acoustic screens or ceiling elements. Acoustic Trend offers high quality acoustic PET Felt panels for offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, gyms etc. They are strong, flexible and lightweight felt sheets. The panels can be ordered in variable sizes and thicknesses. You can also choose from over 40 colours. This gives a large degree of design freedom.

Sound absorption felt panel
The PET Felt panels are ideal for improving the acoustics within a room. Due to the porous nature of the felt, the panel is sound absorbing and thermally insulating. Good acoustics depend on the use of the materials in a room. With many smooth and hard materials such as glass, stone or cast floors, the sound is fully reflected, resulting in a high reverberation. It is therefore important to also use soft and sound-absorbing materials in the room. PET Felt then offers the solution. These felt panels give designers both aesthetic and noise-reducing solutions.

Applications Acoustic Pet Felt
PET Felt is made of felt and can be placed on the ceiling, wall or as a separate element in the room. You can have the panel milled or printed. Ideal as sheet material for further processing. For example, use the plates for furniture, hubs, call cells or as a decorative hanging panel. The panels are easy to install or hang. The suspension materials are delivered together with the panels (with the exception of the glue). Think of adjustable suspension wire, cables and Z-clips.

PET Felt colours
Acoustic Trend’s professional acoustic team developed 45 new PET colours last year. These colours look very nice and sell very well in the market. They can also develop special colours for you. Please contact them!

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