Placabois wood veneer panels


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Wood veneer panels in all sizes, thicknesses and finishes

Placabois offers an exceptionally wide and varied range of wood types for veneer panels.

With no fewer than 70 different choices, Placabois offers an exceptionally diverse array of wood types for veneer panels. Moreover, the products are FSC mixed credit certified. They seamlessly combine aesthetics and sustainability. Besides the wood type and thickness, there are of course several possible finishes and jointing techniques.

Not only the outer veneer but also the backing materials which make up the core are subject to strict quality requirements. With Placabois Holland Laminati always guarantees a high quality for the veneer panels of your choice.

In addition to Holland Laminati’s standard woods, Placabois has collected a number of exclusive veneers in two separate collections:

  • Dusk: a collection of pre-lacquered boards where pre-lacquered edge bands are also available. This allows the cabinetmaker to easily finish veneer projects without lacquer problems. He can simply process this product like other board materials.
  • Posh: an organic collection featuring contemporary, exclusive woods. This ranges from non-ordinary woods to woven veneers. The collection is updated according to the trends. The chosen veneer is subsequently processed to the customer’s specifications.

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