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Poll-Tex is a Dutch patented product and a solution for people with pollen allergies. The product is developed in 2007 by Van Heek Textiles in Losser in the Netherlands.

The base material is a knitted polyester fabric that is provided with an electrostatic coating that is permanently present. In addition to pollen, it also filters dust particles. Pollen and even dust particles that try to enter the room will be blocked by the electrostatic charge on the mesh.

Using Poll-Tex, hay fever patients can still ventilate their bed rooms without letting in the pollen. During the pollen/dust season, the gauze will have to be cleaned with some regularity, this can be done simply by rinsing the mesh with water or by using a vacuum cleaner to clean the mesh. The material has been tested and Ecarf certified at the Charité hospital in Berlin.

Due to the unique combination of mosquito netting with an electrostatic coating, this high quality mosquito netting material combines several properties, it stops pollen and dust particles, is very transparent and has a relatively high air permeability. These three characteristics make Poll-Tex a unique product in the world and ECARF certified.

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