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Polluted & Cement print

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- story by MaterialDistrict

Photo catalytic concrete is a sustainable technology, containing TiO2. It is able to break down organic polluted molecules in the air and transform them into harmless substances.

This material is done to be used for building facades, exterior and interior walls decorations. The standard size is a tile of 30×30 cm of dimension.

Using Photo Catalytic paint gives a similar effect similar because containing TiO2 as well. This nanotech white paint is able to dissolve gases from the air, preserving their position on the applied surface.
The white area masked with the paint is hovering gases from the air, making pollution design the rest of it in the uncovered sections.

The main qualities of this painting are Super hydrophilicity, orgeninc pollutant decomposition, anti-bacterial and anti-mold, anti UV protection, surface antistatic, self-cleaning, easy-cleaning.

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