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The Nieuwe Kerk has a striking appearance, located in the city center of Delft, the Netherlands. It has a permanent exhibition that shows the rich history of Delft and its relationship with the Royal Family. The inside of the building is also impressive because of the large windows and the high ceiling. Unfortunately, this also causes a cold trap (a flow of cold air and loss of heat), especially in the shop of the church. To make a visit to the shop as pleasant as possible and to create a comfortable workplace for the staff of the kiosk, Lampe Eurofelt got to work with a design that offers an insulating solution with a sense of atmosphere, comfort and functionality.

The product was made according to the design of WOFF. This engineering firm makes membrane roofs for the private market and the catering industry, among other things. Based on this design, Lampe Eurofelt started working on an indoor fabric for the Nieuwe Kerk. The design has been completely adapted to the shape and style of the church, in terms of composition, functionality, spatial proportions and use of materials. The polyester cloth is equipped with smart extras, making it relatively easy to assemble and tension. Lampe Eurofelt has deliberately opted for a beautiful stretch material, so that it can be tensioned well – without wrinkles. It also lets through very nice diffused light. It is a strong material with a fire class B1 standard, so it is suitable for use in public spaces and commercial buildings.

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