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Polymorph is a highly dynamic material that can be formed and reformed multiple times with the use of hot water only.

Polymorph belongs to a class of polymers known as caprolactones. Featuring a low fusing temperature of around 60˚C, Polymorph transforms into a material that can be moulded into almost any shape when submerged in hot water. Upon cooling, it becomes a very tough, nylon-like polymer. As it is a thermoplastic, Polymorph can be re-heated and thermoformed numerous times.

Thermoplastic, non-toxic and biodegradable, Polymorph is normally supplied in small pellets. When heat is applied, the pellets fuse and turn from opaque to clear. This fused material can then be moulded in many ways and stays workable until a much lower temperature. When fully cooled, Polymorph is very similar in its appearance and physical properties to a broad range of polythenes, however it is stiffer, stronger and tougher than the polythene used in most domestic products.

Because it is a thermoplastic, it is possible to mould Polymorph around inserts or into components that would otherwise be extremely difficult to achieve. Example applications include orthopaedic splints, ergonomic handles, moulds for vacuum forming, trainer/shoe components and sports protective clothing.

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