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Updated: Originally published on March 5, 2015

‘Printing on concrete’ is one of the most viewed novelties during the Material Xperience in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Presented (by Fydro) during the Week of Building Construction is the positive response on this new product overwhelming. It is possible to print on concrete slabs of 1,5 centimeters thick and up to 120 x 140 centimeters.

Printing on concrete can be interesting for architects, designers, entrepreneurs and individuals. Pictures can be showed on facades, also logo’s or special designs.

This glass fibre concrete is made entirely of raw, mineral material, and can therefore be completely recycled.
The plates are used for façade cladding panels, DinamiC•CCC. These façade panels maintain all usual characteristics of concrete, however extremely dense or light weight. Within the material are special alkali-resistant glass fibres. Also contained in the material are woven glass fibres, chopped glass fibre strands, and threads of glass fibres. These all give the material strength and thus enable very thin sheets.

The material is suitable for interior and exterior use. Examples include façade and wall cladding, flooring, terraces and kitchen countertops.

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