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Puro Plus fibre cement façade panel

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Natural fibre cement look
The Puro Plus façade panel is a lightly sanded fibre cement façade panel. The Puro Plus panel does not have a coating, showing the pure fibre cement material. This gives the panels a natural look and feel.

Lively and robust
Thanks to this natural effect, the varying weather conditions create a typical, natural colour play in various shades of grey. The special sanding gives the panels a cloud effect for an even livelier look.

Calibrated and packaged
The panels are, just like Decoboard, calibrated, giving them a perfectly smooth surface. After that, a protective foil is applied to the panel. With an invisible placement, the foil is removed after application, leaving no glue residue on the panel. With a bolted or riveted placement, the foil is removed before application.

With Puro Plus, you place a very smooth and matte façade panel on the façade. The surface is lightly sanded.

Trimmed panels: 3,070 x 1,220 mm or 2,520 x 1,220 mm
Non-trimmed panels: 3,085 x 1,235mm or 2,535 x 1,235 mm

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