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Pyracoustic melamine foam


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Pyracoustic melamine foam is a budget-friendly acoustic solution. The product is self-adhesive, lightweight, fireproof and has excellent sound absorption characteristics. This makes Pyracoustic melamine foam highly suitable for various applications. Thanks to the low weight and fire resistance, melamine foam is a popular product to improve the acoustics in offices, education institutions, studios etc.

The product is standard available in sheets with different sizes and in different thicknesses. The standard colours are white, light grey and dark grey. Pyracoustic melamine foam can be provided with straight sides or sloping sides, depending of the application.

Pyracoustic melamine foam is also available in different shapes, such as cubes and cylinders. All the Pyracoustic products can be flocked in a colour of your choice.

This product is self-extinguishing according to DIN 4102-B1. This means that Pyracoustic melamine foam can be used in areas where high requirements are set with regard to fire safety.

Acoustic performance Pyracoustic (50 mm thick):
120 Hz – α 0,16
250 Hz – α 0,49
500 Hz – α 0,91
1 kHz – α 1,02
2 kHz – α 0,99
4 kHz – α 1,01

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