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Translucent fibre composite panels with a random structure.
Raficlad® made of fiberglass reinforced polyester composed of fiberglass cloth, polyester resin and a UV barrier.
The panels are manufactured using a vacuum injection technique. In the injection an ultra durable UV-barrier layer is coated on the surface which gives it a colour fastness guarantee. The method of production gives it a smooth backing and provides a high degree of customization. The polyester resin is clear translucent, opaque or opaque colour.
The panel Raficlad ® 5.5 mm has been developed together with Rudy Uytenhaak architects for the Faculty of Life-sciences of the University of Groningen as aesthetic skin for this building. As inlay for a natural look, two fibre cables are inserted in arbitrary position.
Available in all sorts of colours, flat or with forms of 2 to 15 mm thick with a max size of 2×8 meters. Main advantages are durability, UV-resistant, colour fastness, stainless and chemicals-resistant

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