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Designed by Pearson Lloyd, RedDot 2023 winner Revo represents a radical rethinking of the way soft seating office furniture is made. Created from infinitely recyclable REPP (recycled expanded polypropylene), the Revo family includes sofas, screens, tables and poufs in softly contoured, organic shapes.

REPP material is a 3D engineering polymer material that delivers energy absorption with high structural strength at very low weight, as well as chemical resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation. REPP also has the added benefit of being 100% recyclable. REPP closed cell bead foam can be moulded to almost any shape – making it ideal for future-proof applications where use of sustainable materials is a key focus.

Instead of the plywood typically used to make frames, Revo uses REPP, reducing product weight by 40%! Already a second-life material, REPP includes no additives, so it can be endlessly remoulded into new forms.

Upholstery is fixed onto the folded REPP using a tethered drawstring, which means no glue or staples are needed. All Revo components can therefore be easily separated into their component materials, and returned to the manufacturing cycle.

Revo is produced using just three moulds to create every component in the collection, maximising efficiency while minimising carbon emissions. The used materials are light weighted, so also the carbon cost of transporting the furniture is reduced.

In total, the individual elements in collection enable 96 distinct modular configurations, supporting different styles of work – from solo to team-based, formal to spontaneous collaboration, stay focused to stay connected. This versatility is in tune with the increasingly differentiated nature of the work experience. The office is no longer split between desk and conference room, but has become a nuanced network of flexible spaces, each with distinct furniture needs – Revo is designed to bring a consistent design language to every space. Revo is available in a range of upholstery options and colours, so it can suit every interior style.

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