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Riverstone is a composite material made up of marble pebbles or pieces of natural stone in different sizes, bound together with a transparent white or coloured resin. The surface is slightly undulating, where the resin is lower than the pebbles that come to the surface; this characteristic makes Riverstone an aesthetically beautiful floor treatment and substantially improves its functionality in its uses in flooring as the resin remains highly resistant to surface abrasions.

The surface of the stones is completely free of paints or resins since they are treated with a water-repellent waxy surface that protects the material from stains and its extremely easy to maintain.

The material is also available as building system. Riverstone Building System or Brick is a combination of different shape Riverstone bricks that can be easily assembled together in a number of shapes with various curves and angles.

A conventional wall covering material needs to have structured wall that you can decorate. With the Riverstone building system you can, instead of building first a structurally sound wall, build and cover it at the same time.

The numerous curves available will make it easier for designers and fitters to create sinuous designed walls. Riverstone bricks are hollow, therefore piping and electric cables can easily be hidden inside. At the same time, Riverstone is semi-transparent, so you can add lighting by simply placing bulbs or LEDs inside the bricks. Riverstone Building System can be used as a building, furnishing material and a covering material.

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