Royce Wood Variegated Glaze Tiles

United Kingdom

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- story by Royce Wood Studio


The defining characteristic the Variegated glaze collection is beautiful tonal shading of the glazes. Using only handmade methods of production the Studio creates amongst the finest art glazed tiles available.

Subtle blending of oxides and stains react with each other in the cauldron of the high temperature kiln firing and creates the signature Royce Wood glazes. Every tile is hand dipped before being fired, often multiple times to develop the glaze. A wide range of shapes and designs are produced including triangles, hexagons, circles and ogees together with the usual squares and rectangles. The surfaces can be textured or smooth, self coloured or hand-painted. Royce Wood produces variegated glaze tiles for domestic and commercial settings including Sushi Samba restaurants and Nando’s restaurants.

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