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Rubia Red is a vegetable colouring agent in a powdered form. Rubia tinctorium, or ‘madder’ supplies the red dye. The dye is extracted from the roots of a plant. The dye has perfect bonding with textile and other products, such as wool and leather, coatings, paints, make-up. The dye is exceptionally stable, high colour fastness, homogenous, and of a consistent high quality through certified cultivation of a pure plant and a high level of process control during production. Rubia Red is more than carbon neutral, they consume more CO2 in the vegetable stage as plants, than that they produce, in the stage of the colour production.
Different variations of Rubia Red make it possible to cover around 40% of the entire colour spectrum. In the future, Rubia is aiming to introduce different vegetable dyes to the market, so that the entire colour spectrum can be achieved using vegetable dyes.

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