Sasadu envi Contura


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Sasadu Envi Contura is an assembly of square bricks of recycled teak wood. The size of each brick is 60 mm x 60 mm and each panel is composed of 20 pieces. The pieces are coated, sanded and glued to a net backing with waterbased glue. The dimension of each panel is 330 x 240 x 15 mm and the weight is 0.8 kg.

The colour is a natural wood colour mix with hints of brown and grey/blue, giving an antique look and feel. It is recommended to paint the wall in a dark colour before pasting the tiles on the wall.

Cocomosaic wood panels are handmade, durable, easy to maintain and easy to apply. They offer a 3D effect along with a warm and cozy look and feel, while the different types of recycled wood provide surprising colours.

All panels are made of waste wood. The wood for the production is generated by sawmills, as well as waste wooden crates and shipping boxes.

Cocomosaic wood panels can be used in outdoor applications, however only on surfaces that are not subject to a large amount of precipitations. Further to this, the natural colour of the wood can be made more vibrant with the use of a matte, transparent varnish.

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