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SCALITE is entirely made from fish scales, a by-product of the fishing industry. Produced in rigid sheets, SCALITE is 100% natural, it contains no chemical additives. It degrades rapidly in the environment, it is safe for the environment and manufacturer SCALE can recycle their production waste.

SCALITE has similar mechanical properties to those of MDF and concrete. Besides, SCALITE is VOC and formaldehyde free which makes it a suitable candidate for interior environments. SCALITE has the potential to become a substitute to these two materials in some applications. SCALE is targeting interior, furniture and product design applications as a priority.

The material possesses many interesting qualities :

  • Unprecedented and unique: For the very first time, a waste for the fishing industry is transformed into a material.
  • “Ocean Friendly”:  SCALE aims at creating only non deleterious and non poisonous materials, which are made from marine raw material and will dissolve swiftly in a marine environment.
  • Cradle to cradle (C2C): SCALE creates new circular economy cycles in the fishing industry.
  • Recyclable: The recyclable aspect is a major asset of the solution. Production waste can feed into new material production.
  • Beautiful: Any colour can be achieved, different colours can be mixed to produce various stone-like patterns.
  • Seamless joints: SCALITE can be joined seamlessly to provide architects and designers with uniform appearance.
  • Glueless bonding: SCALITE can be bonded without conventional glue, using its own resin.
  • Conventional timber tooling: SCALITE can be transformed using conventional tooling such as saws, spindles, CNC, sanding equipment.
  • Low energy production methods: The manufacturing process has low energy and water consumption and use no harmful chemicals.
  • Reduce global plastic footprint: With every kilogram of the material it is potentially a kilogram of waste taken out of the seas.

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