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The MHB sharp-edged steel profiles allows to create ultra-slim windows and doors. The combination of the inherent strength of steel with smart design gives architects the freedom to be creative with large glazing areas. The very thin 30 mm – 1 ¼ inch – sightline of the SL30 profile integrates perfectly into the design of a building, being almost invisible or enhancing the features of a building by playing with lines, colors and geometry. Thanks to the focus on innovative and aesthetic solutions the SL30-system combines superior characteristics in terms of strength, smoke and fire proofing, and unprecedented elegance. The system has also been tested soundproof and fall-through protection. MHB can customise the profiles so that no auxiliary structures are necessary in order to achieve the required strength or height.

MHB steel profiles are made of recycled steel for 98% and the steel in their product can still be reused after decades.

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