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Create an unique appearance in your building design? Something where you bring nature inside and enrich the experience in the building? Due to the wide choice of wood, system types, sizes and finishes, there are numerous options for the appearance of your ceiling or wall. 

Solid wood
Derako uses solid wood for all its systems. Building with solid wood is ecologically very responsible. The material ensures minimal environmental impact, is fully biodegradable and renewable. Wood is also an excellent storage container for CO2. But wood is not only environmentally friendly and recyclable, it also has a very positive effect on people’s experience and health. In a green environment we feel more comfortable, experience less stress and we tend to move more. Also, children develop healthier and social contacts are stimulated. In the healthcare sector, wood can even indirectly promote the recovery of patients. Due to its shape and colour, strength, flexibility and warmth, wood provides interiors with a natural, characteristic and warm appearance.

Choice of eight product lines and many types of wood
The system is available in a linear and grill version. With the linear system, the wooden parts are processed flush in the system. The grill system gives your ceiling or wall extra depth effect. Derako expanded their product range for solid wood ceiling systems and organized it into eight product lines. From cost-effective to the most exclusive shapes. This sustainable and beautiful raw material can be used in any design.

These eight product lines offer unprecedented possibilities for the implementation of your ceiling design. In addition to the new grill and linear Base line, which is attractively priced, there is the Pro line and Exclusive line with beautiful design options. Also new is Cloak Wood; an innovation in wood. Solid wood and veneer together form the basis for this product. All product lines have their own specific characteristics and possibilities. However, they have one thing in common; they all use solid wood. All Derako systems can also be completely disassembled. At the end of the service life, parts are separated. The monocomponents and natural resources that remain can be reused in the circular economy.

Derako solid wood systems in brief:

  • Wood is a material with unique advantages; CO2-neutral, circular, healthy and authentic
  • Different product lines offer a solution for every budget and design
  • Service, technical support and solid advice
  • Exclusive appearance and improvement of acoustics
  • Guarantee on suspension systems, wood, finish and fire retardancy
  • Innovative suspension system with easy installation
  • Products and systems with C2C Silver, FSC, PEFC, BREEAM and LEED certification

More than 20 wood species
Derako is FSC® and PEFC certified and delivers systems on request, and where possible, with these durable certified types of wood. In our standard collection we have over 20 different wood species. Varying from very light wood tones to dark and warm colours. Do you want to learn more? Visit

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