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Soundblox acoustic blocks


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Create optimal room acoustics with Soundblox!

It’s what you don’t see that makes the difference!

Soundblox are smartly designed concrete masonry blocks designed improve room acoustic. This effect is created by using the Helmholtz resonator principle to absorb both direct and indirect sound and reduce reverberation time in any room, thus improving speech intelligibility.

These highload-bearing acoustical masonry units are an excellent solution to integrate  sound absorption into high (partition) walls to combine noise control with constructional stability. The blocks, made of concrete, are virtually maintenance free. They withstand frequent impact and quietly do their job for the life of a building. Soundblox come in several sizes to meet the requirement of each wall size and each type is available with mineral wool inserts for increased absorption performance.

Application Possibilities
Soundblox are suitable in both in- and outdoor applications such as schools, sporting facilities, churches, in- and outdoor parking, industrial plants, gymnasiums, swimming pools, mechanical equipment rooms, theatres, libraries, cinemas and are used in external road and railway sound barriers. They can even be used in high noise level environments where they help to bring noise levels in plant rooms and factories down to manageable levels. They can be  used in external road and railway sound barriers.

Acoustics & Design
Soundblox will suit any design because of their endless possibility in colours, decorative foils and style configuration and are well suitable for painting in any desired colour. Soundless Acoustics invites you to visit their website and be inspired by pictures of referential projects. For further details, acoustic test results and/or technical features, please contact Soundless Acoustics.

Soundblox revolutionary development in sustainability
Sustainability is a not a word usually associated with acoustic soundproofing, but noise pollution is real issue when considering person’s health and well-being. Soundblox will help bring the noise level down and attributes to create a healthy environment in a room.

Soundless Acoustics has taken a further step towards sustainability by introducing organic filling inserts to improve the sound absorption rate of the acoustic blocks. These inserts consist of a high quality, fully cradle to cradle, cotton or cellulose material. Both materials provide an alternative for the traditional mineral wool inserts which used to be the standard solution up until now. Please contact Soundless Acoustics for more information.

Soundblox Greenwall
Soundless Acoustics has introduced a new sound absorbing solution that gives new meaning to the concept sustainability and created a sound absorptive panel with 100% natural moss. The material gives any reception, office or conference room a natural look & feel and an extra ordinary design.

The material consists of an acoustic panel which consist of mummified moss, applied on a highly acoustic backing of cradle-to-cradle cotton fibres, made of recycled jeans, available in various thickness. The application is done with a very thin layer of glue, made of potato starch to ensure that the solution is fully sustainable. The moss is entirely maintenance free. It will not lose its natural striking green appearance, nor its natural odour and it does not need water or anything else but your breathless admiration…!

Since moss hardly has any acoustic qualities of its own, it does not interfere with the absorption qualities of the backing material and lets the cotton fibre boards do their work quietly…


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