Soundless Green Wall


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Soundless Green Wall 100% natural, High Performance Sound Absorbing Wall Solution.

Exclusive Design, Natural, Seamless and fully Maintenance Free.

With the Soundless Green Wall, Soundless Acoustics offers custom made acoustic sound panels with decorative, 100% natural moss to create a high performance seamless wall to provide any office, hallway, hotel lobby, restaurant, conference room, reception or any other representative space, a pure, natural, exclusive and extraordinary design.

The 100% natural and decorative moss is glued to an organic, recycled backing of sound absorbing fibre with special glue, made of potato starch and with a special technique to create a seamless wall solution with a NRC of 1.0 (100% sound absorption).

These moss panels are hand made to guarantee that each and every panel is an exclusive one. The moss panels are available in a variety of moss types in various shades of green to mix and match. The panels are custom made in all desired shapes and sizes to meet all acoustic and visual requirements and offer endless possibilities to create exclusive and special designs.

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