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Stax consists of layers of glass which are stacked and then fused together to create solid panels. This special process enables Nathan Allan to create exterior feature walls over very large surfaces. To classify the material as safety glass, flat panels of clear, cast, mirror glass are laminated to the back of the Stax panels. The lamination is necessary as the Stax glass panels are too thick to temper, which is the usual treatment to make safety glass. It is also possible to apply colour finishes and mirrored backing to the flat back surface. Once glass is tempered, it cannot be cut. If someone attempts to cut tempered glass, the glass will explode. Nathan Allan uses a de-temper process, which enables the panels to be cut, re-cast, and re-used.
Cast Glass has good cleaning properties. With the surfaces of the glass being textured or sealed, it is a no-maintenance product.

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