The SuprAnodic Collection


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Alesta® SuperDurable powder coatings.
Proven durability for an outstanding performance.

Architects design prestigious buildings which have to last for many years and harmonise with the surrounding areas. They look for reliable materials with outstanding properties and a respect for the environment.

Alesta® SuperDurable (SD) is the perfect powder coating solution. It has been specially developed for all types of aluminium and steel architectural components, such as window frames, façades, cladding and doors. It is also intended for urban furniture, garden furniture, lighting and many more applications where maximum gloss retention and colour fastness are very important.

Alesta® SD is part of the premium range of Axalta Coating Systems which is formulated in architectural polyester quality designed to surpass the most severe specifications. All products have an assured quality specified by the Qualicoat Class 2 and GSB Master quality labels and meet the AAMA 2604 requirements, ensuring the highest level of protection.

Alesta® SD products can be formulated in a wide range of appearances that vary in colour, gloss, texture and metallic effect.

The SuprAnodic Collection

January 2021.
EUROLACKE expands its range of highly weather-resistant metallic effect powder coatings from the Alesta® SuperDurable product line with the SuprAnodic Collection. .

The Alesta® SD SuprAnodic Collection offers the appearance and colour shades of standard anodised finishes with all the benefits of a powder coating in a SuperDurable quality.

The colours selected are the perfect mix between future colour trends and today’s demands in the architectural and design segments.

The SuprAnodic Collection has been specially developed for aluminium and steel architectural components, such as window frames, façades, cladding and doors.

The major advantage of The SuprAnodic Collection is that a wide range of substrates can be treated including aluminium and steel profile extrusions, cladding or sheet panels; creating a uniform ”anodised” look, impossible to obtain via chemical anodisation.

Furthermore The SuprAnodic Collection has a much better colour consistency than traditional chemical anodisation on different materials and between different batches. These powder coatings can hide the surface defects on aluminium profiles that sometimes affect traditional anodised finishes.


  • Durable & environmentally friendly
  • Bonded, homogeneous metallic effects
  • Perfect anodised look, 22 trendy colours.
  • Excellent batch-to-batch consistency
  • SuperDurable Qualicoat Class 2 & GSB Florida 3 (Master)

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