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Finsa offers a broad range of lightweight solutions in MDF. One of these specific lightweight products is SuperPan Star. The patented product SuperPan Star combines lightweight and the properties of MDF and fibreboard into a single board. It consists of two layers of MDF, with a core of wood fibres and polystyrene, pressed together in one single procedure. This gives the board some big advantages, compared to the conventional MDF- or fiberbored. It offers a clean cut without chipping, an excellent response in the most demanding load situations and an outstanding performance when fastening with screws, nails and iron fittings.

Due to the fact that polystyrene is being added to the wood fibers, it makes the board 20% lighter than the regular SuperPan board, without losing its characteristics. The density of the SuperPan Star lies around 450 kg/m3.

Because the board can be coated with every common decorative solution (for example: melamine, veneer, HPL, etc.) it makes it the perfect board for uses such as furniture for homes, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, as well as stands, interior doors, wardrobe doors, and many, many more.

Available with FSC and PEFC certificate. SuperPan Star complies with the P2 standards for constructional boards.

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