Tasman Glass


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- story by MaterialDistrict

A material made from molten waste glass, Tasman Glass simulates an aesthetic known from nature. Inspired by the landscape in which the designer grew up, the material with its water- and ice mimicking surface is an ode to the rich textures of New Zealand’s Tasman Glacier.

A five-day melting process and a highly accurate firing curve create a translucent and opaque look with highly textured haptics, which reveal unknown aesthetics of this otherwise so familiar material. The non-standardised nature of the waste allows each surface to become one of a kind. Depending on the country where the raw resources stem from, the recycled material varies in shade, colour and texture.

The material’s properties, such as structure and light transmittance, allow for diverse applications as surfaces and display in retail, interior and products. Teaming up with a local recycling centre, the Tasman Glass is exclusively handmade in Germany.

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