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Tchouc textiles collection is the result of La Gadoue’s research on latex coating on natural canvas. This hand-made composite material is a vegetal alternative to leather, waterproof and strong enough to face daily adventures of modern life. The idea is to produce a functional textile with versatile implementations, from interior to accessories or fashion.

Many existing alternatives for leather are using synthetic fabric and plastic coating. Looking for a more sustainable material, La Gadoue decided to use the natural textiles linen and jute as base canvas. The cultivation and transformation of these fibres requires little water and no chemicals. For the coating, La Gadoue uses natural rubber, which comes from the sap of the rubber tree. The resulting composite material is very strong in structure and resistant to wear. It is meant to last very long.

This hand-made material has also a very soft touch and an elegant and authentic look. The manual process of coating generates unique patterns and textures that couldn’t be achieved in an industrial process.

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