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*this isn’t paint. It is CRUSTAL®, one of the decorative plasters made by Stoopen & Meeûs, the specialist in premium decorative finishes based in Antwerp, Belgium. With their versatile product range, savoir-faire in decorative techniques and extensive network of well-trained craftsmen they are the architect’s ideal partner for vibrant colours and exclusive walls and floors.

A sleek, seamless style or rather an organic look with natural elements and textures, the possibilities of Stoopen & Meeûs’ innovative customisation are endless.

Moreover, nature has always been an important source of inspiration for Stoopen & Meeûs. Most of the decorative paints (yes, Stoopen & Meeûs also has paint, LimePaint & ClayPaint) are of mineral origin. Mineral-based decorative finishes contribute to a healthier living and working environment and are better for the planet.

For more inspiration, visit their website or social media channels. Or send them an e-mail via to schedule an appointment with one of their advisors in the HUB Antwerp, creative playground for interior architects & design enthusiasts.

Please contact Stoopen & Meeûs for more information on the material properties. The variety in products and application techniques is so important that it can’t be captured in the table below.

Stoopen & Meeûs
Decorative paints and plasters, pigments and dyes

Pure Belgian Craftsmanship since 1894.

Material Properties