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Tierrafino Antique Provence is a decorative clay plaster for walls and ceilings in the interior.

Project: Von Dice Hotel. This building was once a sludge return pumping station located at Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

For this luxury hotel with a unique industrial heritage, Tierrafino used a combination of Tierrafino Base Clay, finished with Tierrafino Antique Provence, both 100% natural plasters. For heating a modern wall heating system is used. The hotel wanted to use al sustainable, and circular, recyclable materials. Because of their material properties, clay plasters and paints are most suitable for this use. Natural, and fully recyclable. Heat distribution is improved by the clay. Because the product is vapour-permeable and moist regulating, the interior climate is further improved. These features provide a more comfortable experience as well as save energy.

Tierrafino Base is a clay plaster that serves as a render, skim coat and finish for walls and ceilings in the interior. Ingredients are sands, clays, and options such as straw.

Tierrafino Antique Provence is a decorative clay plaster for walls and ceilings in the interior. The product is very hard (> SII) and has three basic finishes: Matte, Glossy, and Glossy with Tierrafino Wax. Ingredients are various types of clay, sand, and a natural binder.

Antique Provence Decoleem is available in 24 basic colours. Due to the natural ingredients, colour deviations may occur between different batches. More colours can be made upon request.

Tierrafino Antique Provence Decoleem is a clay plaster for sufficient load-bearing walls in the interior.

Suitable for damp rooms; however, do not apply to places where direct contact with water takes place.

Suitable for 0.5 mm thick plaster per layer of flat and ready-to-wallpaper surfaces such as basic clay, lime and gypsum plasters, concrete, and plasterboard.

Antique Provence Decoleem can be applied on all ready-to-paint surfaces after priming with Tierrafino Contact Extra.

Material Properties