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TioCem with TX Active

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TIOCEM is a cement that is obtained by adding a carefully measured amount of nano crystalline titanium dioxide to CEM I white Portland cement. This cement type enables to produce concrete construction units with photo catalytically active surfaces which break down organic and inorganic air pollutant, such as NOx (Nitrogen). The photo catalytic properties of TioCem are provided by the patented TXActive technology.

An utilisation is conceivable in: upscale façade elements (as an alternative for an additional hydrophobic treatment); fair-faced concrete (two-layer system in combination with self-compacting-concrete); road surface as white or coulored topping; concrete elements e.g. noise/view protection elements and safety barriers, concrete plaster and tunnel inside panelling for NOx degradation; concrete products like pavers or other precast elements for decorative applications.

Examples of the use of Tiocem are (see the respective project images): the office building of Decomo in Moeskroen (Belgium) by architect Atelier d’Architecture Van Oost, the Autostadt building by architect H. Steiln in Wolfburg, Germany, and Zorghotel Swinhove in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands (Topos Architecten).

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