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This material is no longer available.

Touch is a linoleum-based floor covering, made from 100% natural, renewable materials such as cork and linoleum. Touch has a interesting design which is based on the trend to more tactile and natural materials in architecture and interior design. The Touch collection consists of two different product types with surfaces that each provide a tactile and natural experience that stimulates the senses: “Touch duet” and “Touch solo”.

Touch duet is characterized by a random surface pattern with a colour spectre that changes according to the direction from which the floor is viewed. This is achieved by the three layer build up of Touch Duet: linoleum; cork and linoleum. Touch duet is both shiny and matte; it is a random structured relief surface in a range of 12 colours.
Touch solo has a monogrome matte, slightly textured surface with a warm and natural look and feel. It is a one layer product consisting of a mixture of linoleum, based on woodflour and cork. The 6 earthy colours are based on combination possibilities with other natural floor coverings to create a matt and gloss effect. For example with Touch duet or any other Marmoleum or Artoleum floor.

This material can be used in indoor areas in which carpet, wood, natural stone or any other authentic material is considered.
Size; Both products are available in 2.5 mm rolls of 30 meters long and 2 meters wide.

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