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Triflex’s liquid applied waterproofing products are following every shape and contour. The fast curing systems/materials are based on the most advanced polymer chemistry and deliver a combination of technical excellence, with an exceptional range of colour, texture and design options. With our high-quality, proven sustainable products and systems, Triflex makes solutions possible for every surface. Roofs, galleries, balconies, entrances, stairs, parking garages and more; the numerous of colours and finishes are unprecedented for your design.

The problem of waterproofing failures and leaks in external environments is an all too familiar problem for building surveyors, architects, contractors and clients alike. A cold liquid applied waterproofing or combined waterproofing and surfacing system is an ideal and long-term solution for the successful protection of such areas.

Liquid applied resins consist of one or more components, which are applied on site as liquid, and harden as a result of a chemical cross-linking reaction or a physical drying process.

Reliable roof and other construction waterproofing poses no problem with the Triflex range of versatile, high quality solutions. All Triflex cold liquid applied waterproofing systems for roofing, walkways, balconies and terraces and car parks are user-friendly and provide flawless lasting protection in a simple single-process application.

Benefits of Triflex cold liquid applied resins:

  • Ideal for new build and refurbishment
  • Short site-closure periods due to minimal application processes and rapid curing even at low temperatures
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be applied at temperatures down to -5°C
  • Proven, long-term durability
  • Meaningful warranties
  • Zero flame / totally cold application

The most frequently used polymer liquid resins in the construction industry are based on unsaturated polyester (UP), polyurethane (PU), epoxy (EP), polyurea (PUA) and polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). The majority of Triflex resins are based on advanced PMMA technology with the other resin technologies used for more specialist applications or to fulfill specific requirements.

The seamless systems based on PMMA are resistant to standing and ponding water (hydrolysis) and is designed for buried applications including with cementitious overburden.

Give your design a long term protection.

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