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Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) with a high compressive strength of more than 200 MPa and an improved durability marks a quantum leap in concrete technology. This high-performance material offers a variety of interesting applications. It allows the construction of sustainable and economic buildings with an extraordinary slim design. Its high strength and ductility makes it the ultimate building material e.g. for bridge decks, storage halls, thin-wall shell structures and highly loaded columns.

Beside its improved strength properties, its outstanding resistance against all kinds of corrosion is an additional milestone on the way towards no-maintenance constructions.

UHPC has very special properties that are remarkably different to the properties of normal and high-performance concrete. For complete utilization of UHPC’s superior properties, special knowledge is required for production, construction and design.

Worldwide this material is under detailed exploration. Several constructions or structural elements were already built utilizing UHPC.

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