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Blok Plaatmateriaal offers a wide range of laminates in the HPL UNILIN Evola collection. Thanks to the original colours and surface structures of UNILIN Evola, your project will immediately catch the eye. Inspired by fashion, art and nature, the collection offers you enormous creative freedom. The designs and surfaces look and feel lifelike, perfection is in the details after all. Use your favourite design in the version that your project needs and combine smartly for a unique and sustainable result.

From contemporary tones to tones that surprise you. Real colours, taken from real life and translated into contemporary decors. The collection translates authentic materials into budget-friendly, low-maintenance alternatives without losing any sensitivity to natural aesthetics.

This High-Pressure Laminate is suitable for decorative as well as wear-resistant and durable applications. The panels are used in wall coverings, furniture, worktops and doors.

  • Showroom furnishing, office furniture, recreational areas
  • Hygienic environments: hospitals, residential care centres, kitchens
  • Schools, crèches, childcare facilities, nursing homes, residential care centres

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Blok Plaatmateriaal offers a range of special laminates in the Unilin Evola HPL range with decoras like wood and stone. Check out for more inspiration.

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