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UNILIN Master Oak has a masterly way of outshining natural oak

Interior panelling that looks like genuine wood, but is even better in terms of performance: is that possible? UNILIN Master Oak is the answer. The latest generation of decorative panels brings together the look and feel of natural oak with the unrivalled quality of melamine and HPL. Take that, oak!

Natural ambitions
After years of research and development, Unilin Panels – part of the Belgian Unilin Group – has launched its flagship product. “UNILIN Master Oak is the result of our passion for beautiful things and our insatiable appetite for constantly improving products,” says R&D Director Caroline Van de Populiere.

“We get most of our inspiration from nature, and each new development emulates that natural look a little more. This time, we have taken an extraordinary step forward by retaining the functional properties of melamine and HPL and imbuing them with the elegance of genuine oak.”

Better than original oak
This new panelling material is a gift for creative interior designers. “UNILIN Master Oak’s matt finish makes for a luxurious appearance and has a unique pattern – just like genuine oak,” Caroline proudly explains. “That natural appearance is enhanced even more by different types of pores and depth variations.”

“Together with the extraordinary performance of decorative panels, it makes for a product that masterfully outshines genuine oak. UNILIN Master Oak has a natural appearance and is scratch-resistant, colourfast, and stain proof.”

Extensive range of products and applications
UNILIN Master Oak comes in a broad range of products and can be used for nearly all interior applications: from doors and shelves to wall panelling, and for projects in the retail, office and hotel sectors. Unilin Panels is introducing six ready-made designs at once, with four wood colours and two uni-colours – white and black.

UNILIN Master Oak can also be combined effortlessly with any type of substrate such as MDF or chipboard, and comes in fire-retardant, moisture-resistant and formaldehyde-free variants.

In other words, UNILIN Master Oak lets you achieve superior results for top-notch projects.

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