VanHier: Biocircular table lamps


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- story by VanHier


The table lamps are made of FlatCor panels: cellulose fibers are moulded into high performance panels. These panels are mainly made of beverage carton waste. Due to food safety, this waste cannot be recycled as beverage cartons and is usually downcycled to sanitary paper or cardboard boxes. Regeneration Design’s partner ECOR recycles carton fibre waste into panels without harmful substances, for applications such as wall-, and ceiling finishing, furniture and shop-displays.

The lamps create an attractive and surprising light effect and are designed from a Material Driven Design perspective: Regeneration Design uses sheet material made in an efficient way. They make the lamps on their own laser cutting machine at ‘VONK in de wijk’, a sustainable life-work-make community where they can contribute to local and social employment.

After demounting, the table lamp can be disposed at the paperwaste container, so the fibres can be recycled. With e.g. MDF or plywood this is more difficult because of the glue; these materials are hard to recycle.

Material Properties