Vegetables 3D

Geke Wouters

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This material is no longer available.

Get a taste of materials! Based on the Vegetables 2D material, Geke Wouters has created a variety of 100% vegetable 3D forms from several dried vegetables and fruits. All the materials are fully eatable, 100% biological disposable and tasty.

The 3D vegetable material is currently available in many different organic materials and forms such as a bowl, a vase, plates and more.
Each form is thinkable and might be possible to manufacture. Several modifications can be made during the drying process, like embossing, stamping, etc.
Since it is a product of nature, the colour and the structure of the material is not everlasting. There is also a difference in colour resistance depending on the vegetable of choice.
It is recommended to use the material only indoors. When the material is in a high-humidity environment, the material becomes weaker and more flexible. In a constant high-humid environment, or when the material gets wet, the material will perish.
The Geke Wouters bowl can obtained through Mossi
Note: sample will be provided against costs

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