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VeroMetal® gives architects, interior designers, stylists and artists all the flexibility they require to produce truly pioneering designs.

Walls, ceilings, floors, … with a finish of real metal
Shiny brass, weathered copper, stainless steel, authentic bronze, iron with or without rust, just a few examples of the many different finishes available. VeroMetal® can be applied to virtually any surface, for example by spatula, palette knife or trowel. The end result is a wall, ceiling, floor or any other object you desire with a genuine metal appearance.

VeroMetal® cold-workable liquid metal
VeroMetal® is a cold-workable liquid metal that can be applied to practically any surface by spraying, rolling, pouring or with a palette knife or trowel. After application, VeroMetal® possesses all the optical and physical properties of the metal in question.

A unique final finish is achieved by sanding, polishing, patinating or oxidising the surface. Each object takes on a distinct and characteristic metal look. VeroMetal® is made from real metal and can be applied both indoors and outdoors. It adheres well to practically all surfaces and does not crack or peel away.

Authorised application specialists
VeroMetal’s ultimate goal is a fantastic final result for all projects where VeroMetal® is used. To achieve this, we collaborate with a carefully vetted network of authorised application specialists. VeroMetal® application specialists are well-trained and have extensive experience.

Please feel free to contact VeroMetal for more information, they will be pleased to help,

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