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Versato Bubble


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- story by MaterialDistrict

This plastic panel is clear, cast acrylic sheeting. But the special thing about the Versato Bubble is the even spread of bubbles cast precisely in the middle of the PMMA material. This has become possible using modern technology. During the curing of the acrylic, bubbles are spread randomly across the plastic plate.

The material has all the usual properties of cast acrylic. It is light, stiff, virtually unbreakable and highly UV resistant, so it is resistant to the ‘yellowing’ that affects many plastic sorts that have been exposed to sunlight too much. The Versato Bubble has excellent photometric properties. This means that it has high transmittance and reflectance of the light spectrum, from ultraviolet through visible to infrared. Other colours are possible, depending on minimum orders of plate size and thickness. Possible further variations include printing the rear side of the plate with an appropriate picture.

The PMMA used is completely recyclable. The panels are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

The material is particularly pretty when it is lit from the edge. This gives the panel a dynamic look and feel and a spacey, light impression. This is because only the air bubbles within the plate light up. The plate size is 2600 x 1600 x 12 mm.


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