Vertical garden with felt backing


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- story by Lampe Eurofelt Products


Plants and felt, a combination that you may not immediately expect. Yet the felt that Eurofelt uses for this application has properties that make plants happy; the felt retains moisture and releases it. In addition, it protects the roots of the plant. Felt is a durable material with a very high moisture absorption and high UV resistance, making this material (under normal circumstances) last for ten years without any problems. Furthermore, it is flexible, so you can make different (soft / round) shapes that cannot damage the plant.

Felt from recycled carpet fibers? That is also possible, just like felt in different thicknesses. In addition, Eurofelt can compose the felt in such a way that it directly matches the functionality of the product. That makes it suitable for many applications, such as roof gardens and green facades. Think of the bottom layer that functions as a moisture buffer, in which the roots of the plants can take root well. And a reinforcement to support the plants.

Do you have a great idea or design and do you want to get started with our material? In addition to a wide range of felt, Eurofelt has the ready-to-wear options to make a good end product (such as a vertical garden). They have already been able to realize many projects. A wonderful example is the project that they have realized in collaboration with Copijn Green Construction and Management (see photos).

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