Weave (k)not waste

United Kingdom

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- story by MaterialDistrict

The project Weave (k)not waste explores how handwoven fabrics suggest that what could be woven in the future by the fashion industry to eliminate waste. It is impossible to ignore the problem of waste within the fashion industry. Sarah Brunnhuber set out to create a minimal-waste garment production technique. She tackled the issue at production level by changing the way fabrics are developed.

By weaving pattern shapes directly, Sarah eliminated cutting waste, and by knotting each piece together she eliminated sewing waste. The knots represent the time and handcraft that is missing in most of our industrially made garments today, while also drawing attention to a need for change in mentality. Seams are usually made to be invisible, while this technique brings them to the forefront. This creates a shift from minimising any sign of production to celebrating the way our clothes are made and visualising the production method. This in turn will create a more conscious consumer.

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