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CEWOOD Design tiles are a new direction and proof of wood wool versatility and aesthetic features, while substantially improving interior acoustics and personal well-being. Each tile is custom-made with a personal touch. It allows to create unique or classic interiors not only by professional architects, and designers but also by private users. Tiles are available in various colours and shapes to meet every customer’s demand. CEWOOD Design tiles are made from wood wool offering you nature’s presence in every room and every interior design.

The absolute trend and star of any interior design are CEWOOD Barcode ceiling and wall panels. The distinguishing characteristic of CEWOOD Barcode panels lies in the meticulously crafted recessed grooves adorning the CEWOOD wood wool panel. This innovative design not only enhances acoustic performance by maximizing sound absorption but also infuses the panel with a visually captivating and contemporary aesthetic. CEWOOD Barcode panels are an excellent example of how design seamlessly melds with functionality.

From trendy hexagons to delicate triangles – open your creative mind and be inspired by unlimited design possibilities. Create your own unique accent wall design or follow CEWOOD’s already well-established patterns. But let’s go further in the design world of CEWOOD Design tiles! Be amazed by the lines, shapes, and grooves of panels with milled lines. Your creativity is your limit! CEWOOD Design panels with milled lines offer the same acoustic properties as regular CEWOOD Acoustic panels but with the added aesthetic feature of decorative grooves on the surface. You can choose from a variety of pre-designed milled line patterns, or create individual designs to suit your specific interior design and unique character.

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