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WOOPIES are room equipment objects created to harmonise and enhance room acoustics. The individually manufactured and dyed lodens made of 100% Swiss wool are designed to bring out the main points in acoustics and aesthetics in any given assembly situation. Swiss virgin wool combined with textile binding fiber forms the basis of all product components. It allows for acoustic absorption, odour neutralisation and reduction of airborne pollutants, especially formaldehyde. Various easy mounting options are a given thanks to inserts in the back of the panels.

From sheep to shop and back
WOOPIES are made of 100% pure Swiss wool (Swisswool), collected from thirty places throughout Switzerland. Along the lines of ‘from sheep to shop and back’ Vyva Fabrics keeps the long ways of the precious raw material as short as possible to guarantee a resource-friendly production of the WOOPIES. WOOPIES therefore has a Fair Trace certificate of authenticity. A WOOPIE can be fully recycled, if it ever reaches the end of its life.

The benefits of wool
Compared to synthetic materials, wool provides excellent thermal insulation capacity in addition to high sound absorption. It has moisturising effects, neutralises odours, is sustainable, renewable and recyclable.

Stylish in every room

Combined with coloured cover material made of swisswool loden, WOOPIES breathe an air of unpretentious elegance and provide a multitude of combinations and mounting varieties.

Attached to walls, ceilings, furniture or glass walls, WOOPIES significantly enhance room acoustics by simply reducing high noise levels and repercussions. They particularly block the frequency ranges most irritating to the human ear.

WOOPIES are available in square or rectangular versions, in basic designs like ‘plain’, ‘cross’ and ‘bones’ with straight or rounded corners. One or both sides can be covered with loden for free hanging. The combination of shape and colour offers countless design options.

Material Properties