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Zero furniture panel

Koskisen Oy

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Zero furniture board is made from domestic bio-based raw materials. Thanks to its versatility and durability, Zero is perfectly suited to the needs of the furniture industry.

Zero furniture board is a new type of interior board in which the fossil binder has been replaced with a renewable wood-based binder, lignin. The wood raw materials for Zero board come from the side streams of Koskisen’s manufacturing processes.

Wood-based materials have significantly lower CO2 emissions compared to non-renewable materials. They also sequester carbon for decades to come.

Zero furniture board meets the standards set for furniture boards in terms of bending strength and internal tensile strength. Zero board is manufactured in strength class P2, the surface of the board is tight and smooth making it is easy to coat.

Zero boards can be sawn, drilled and machined with all tools suitable for wood working, because the high-quality furniture board is easy to work with keeps saw blades intact. A saw blade kept in good condition cuts panels better and brings savings in terms of device maintenance.

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