Interior objects made of food and agricultural waste

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Bio-tech start-up Ottan develops, designs and produces bio-composite materials by up-cycling food and agricultural waste. The materials can be used to make cladding, furniture, housewares, and more. Ottan’s founder Ayse Yilmaz realised during her studies ...

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Sneakers made of recycled bubble wrap

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German innovative shoe brand nat-2 developed a sneaker made of recycled bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is a common packaging material – and entertaining pastime to some – and is made of LDPF (low density polyethylene ...

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MaterialDistrict Utrecht postponed to spring 2022

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MaterialDistrict Utrecht has been postponed to 5-7 April 2022, the organizer announced today. This was decided in close consultation with the exhibitors and the event partners involved. The reason to move the inspiration event for ...

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Table and desk lamps made from discarded umbrellas

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New waste design business Anti designed a series of table and desk lamps made of discarded, lost and broken umbrellas. While certainly handy when it rains, umbrellas, especially cheap ones, are not designed to last ...

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Grow your own compostable bike helmet

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Mexico-City based design studio NOS Design designed a bio-fabricated bike helmet called Grow It Yourself, which you can grow yourself from mycelium. Mycelium is the root system of mushrooms, which, when dried, results in a ...

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‘Carbon negative’ diamonds made from air

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Jewellery brand Aether uses their own technology to transform carbon dioxide air pollution into diamonds. Diamond is a solid form of the element carbon with its atoms arranged in a crystal structure. The material comes ...

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