Protecting cellulose-based leather with a fungi coating

Published 2 days ago by Sigrid | no responses

Dutch designer Emma van der Leest developed a fungi-based coating that can be used to make plant-based leather water-repellent and more durable. Plant-based leather offers a vegan alternative to animal leather. Unfortunately, many of these ...

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A chair made from sequestered CO2

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For his thesis project at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, Riel Bassai designed a modular chair made with blocks of carbon-negative bio-HDPE to store atmospheric CO2. Called Unito, the conceptual chair consists of ...

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Biodegradable glitter made from cellulose

Published 1 week ago by Sigrid | no responses

Researchers at the University of Cambridge (UK) developed sustainable, plastic-free glitter for use in cosmetics, made from cellulose found in fruits, vegetables and other plants. Aside from the personal frustration of finding glitter everywhere after ...

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Using popcorn instead of polystyrene

Published 2 weeks ago by Sigrid | 2 responses

Researchers at Göttingen University (Germany) developed a polystyrene-like material made of popcorn, which can be used as packaging and insulation material. Polystyrene is a versatile material that is used in a range of fields, from ...

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A sun-powered jacket

Published 2 weeks ago by Sigrid | no responses

Researchers at the Finnish Aalto University developed a textile collection capable of generating energy via solar cells, which they turned into a jacket as proof-of-concept. The Sun-powered Textiles project explores the possibility of using solar ...

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A 3D printed smart rain barrel

Published 3 weeks ago by Sigrid | no responses

Dutch Studio Bas Sala developed a cloud-shaped smart rain barrel made of 3D printed recycled plastic, collected by the citizens of Rotterdam. Due to climate change, extreme weather events are increasing. Longer periods of drought ...

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