A concrete 3D printed warehouse

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German companies Putzmeister and Züblin produced a warehouse with complete and supporting concrete walls from a 3D concrete printer for what they say is the first time. Called STRABAG BMTI (STRABAG Baumaschinentechnik International), the warehouse ...

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Adjustable bamboo façade fronts

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Architectural agency KM Architecture Office designed a villa in Vietnam with adjustable bamboo shutters in the façade. Called Long Thanh Villa, the building is located in Long Thanh, Đong Nai, in Vietnam. It is situated ...

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Clothing dyed with waste almond shells

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Innovative clothing company Vollebak designed a range of “chilout gear” dyed with waste almond shells. Textile dye is one of the most polluting parts of the fashion industry. Brands have been experimenting with various, less ...

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Repairing objects with 3D printing and resin

Published 6 days ago by Sigrid | no responses

Designer Xiaodong Ma’s project Repairing Society: A Nostalgia Future proposes ways to repair objects rather than replacing them, using, amongst other things, 3D printing and resin. The linear economy of take-make-waste dictates that broken things ...

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A smog-eating façade

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Architectural agency Progetto CMR renovated a 15 year old building in Milan, using a ceramic surface material that cleans the air. Called De Castillia 23, the building is covered with the eco-active ceramic surface material ...

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The world’s first circular tennis and padel ball

Published 1 week ago by Sigrid | no responses

Dutch company Renewaball developed a way to recycle old tennis and padel balls and turn them into new ones. Tennis balls, of which 350 million are used annually worldwide, consist of various components, like rubber ...

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