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Smart, compostable thin film packaging material

Published 2 hours ago by Sigrid | no responses

San Francisco-based biomaterials company Primitives developed biobased thin film packaging material that can sense and respond to the environment, enabling the monitoring of quality, improve safety and reduce the environmental footprint of products. Petroleum-based flexible ...

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Kitchen knives with a rice-based handle

Published 1 day ago by Sigrid | no responses

Designer François Hurtaud designed a kitchen knife and a peeler with a handle made of rice composite, called Yootensel. Knife handles provide grip and helps distribute force deployed while cutting. They can be made of ...

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Tableware made from grass-fed waste bones

Published 5 days ago by Sigrid | no responses

US-based artist Gregg Moore, in collaboration with chef Dan Barber, launched a series of ceramics at Barber’s restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns in New York, made from the restaurant’s grass-fed waste bones. The concept, ...

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‘Pottery’ made of mycelium

Published 6 days ago by Sigrid | no responses

In collaboration with Bio Lab Seoul, South Korean design studio Craft Combine designed a collection of containers made of mycelium. In this project, the morphological motif is a pottery that has made rapid progress in ...

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A 3D printed pavilion made of sand

Published 1 week ago by Sigrid | no responses

A collaboration between Mamou-Mani & Studio Precht, the Sandwaves is the largest sand-printed installation to date, made of 58 3D printed elements of sand and furan resin. Made for the Diryah Season event curated by ...

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Lighting 100 LED bulbs with one drop of water

Published 1 week ago by Sigrid | no responses

Researchers from City University of Hong Kong developed a new type of droplet-based electricity generator, which is powerful enough to generate a voltage of over 140V, enough to light up 100 small LED bulbs, with ...

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