A 3D knitted chair

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The project Sit On A Knit by industrial knitter and engineer Rebekka Groeneveld explores the opportunities and limitations of 3D knitting through the design of a chair. Typically, textiles are manufactured flat, in large panels, ...

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A stool made of flax fibre composite

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Design studio Studio Ryte designed a super lightweight experimental stool made of a flax fibre composite. Called Triplex Stool, the stool is an experimental piece of furniture that “pushes the physical limits of a stool; ...

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Interior wall cladding made of corn cobs

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Dutch sustainable construction materials company StoneCycling in collaboration with Belgium studio Circular Matters developed an interior wall cladding material made of waste corn cobs. Maize is one of the most common crops on the planet ...

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A distillery’s bar interior made of discarded distillery barrels

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Shanghai-based interior design studio RooMoo used around 6,000 pieces of discarded wooden whiskey barrels to create the out- and indoor area of the whiskey bar Lai Zhou Bar. The bar is an offshoot of Lai ...

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Thermal insulating paint

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Researchers at Stanford University in the US developed insulating paint in multiple colours that can keep buildings cooled in summer and warmer in winter, reducing energy use, costs and greenhouse emissions. The heating and cooling ...

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A bridge made of glass-based concrete

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Canadian architectural form Provencher Roy used concrete with incorporated locally sourced recycled glass to reduce the carbon footprint of two bridges. The new bridges replace the Darwin Bridges on Nuns’ Island in Montreal, which had ...

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