Sound insulating screws

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Swedish company Akoustos, a spin-off company of Malmö University, developed a sound-absorbing screw, which provides both a resilient connection between panels and studs while also absorbing airborne and impact sound. Disturbing noise from neighbours and ...

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Using tree forks as loadbearing joints

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A team of MIT researchers developed a method that enables architects to use usually discarded tree forks as load-bearing joints in structures. While wood is being increasingly used in construction, generally, only the straight parts ...

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The world’s first ‘smart circular bridge’

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Eindhoven University of Technology (NL) leads a EU project to build three city bridges made from a biocomposite material consisting of flax and bioresin. The first bridge is now in place in Almere, the Netherlands. ...

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A CLT pavilion to celebrate 500 years of social housing

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Rotterdam-based architectural firm MVRDV designed a house-shaped pavilion made entirely of CLT to celebrate the world’s oldest social housing complex’s 500th birthday. The Fuggerei in Augsburg, Germany, is the world’s oldest social housing complex. For ...

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A wooden dome made only from waste

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A research group from ETH Zurich used digital fabrication methods to make a wooden geodesic dome entirely from demolition waste. The waste was sourced at an old car depot in Geneva that was scheduled for ...

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A salty heat battery

Published 3 weeks ago by Sigrid | no responses

Cellcius, a spin-off start-up of the Dutch TU Eindhoven and TNO, developed and aims to commercialise a technology that uses solely water and salt to store residual industrial heat and making it available there where ...

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