Navel guitar is made with 50,000 year old kauri wood

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Designer Lorenzo Palmeri designed Navel, a series of three types of electric guitars, one made of beech wood, one with a self-healing surface, and one made with 50,000 year old kauri wood. Navel (belly button) ...

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Graphene-coated jacket first step towards bulletproof and intelligent clothing

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Advanced sportswear brand Vollebak introduces a reversible graphene-coated jacket, which is the first step in their goal to create bionic intelligent and bulletproof clothing. Graphene is the thinnest possible layer of graphite, only one atom ...

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Sobreiro furniture collection consists almost entirely of cork

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The Sobreiro furniture collection, designed by Brazilian design duo Humberto and Fernando Campana, consists of one chair and three cabinets, all made almost entirely of cork. The idea of the project was to combine Portuguese ...

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This wood-based textile fibre is made without chemical solvents

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Finnish fibre technology company Spinnova developed a method to convert wood pulp directly into textile fibre, without the need for chemical solvents. The semisynthetic fabric rayon and specific types such as viscose, modal, and lyocell ...

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Hit the waves on sustainable surfboards

Published 5 days ago by Sigrid | no responses

Today, we present two sustainable surfboards, one 3D printed from recycled plastic bottles and one coated with biobased epoxy resin. Recycled plastic bottles Merijn Tinga, better known as the Plastic Soup Surfer, is a Dutch ...

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5 3D printed houses you might live in on Mars

Published 6 days ago by Sigrid | no responses

NASA and partner Bradley University of Peoria, Illinois, have selected the top five teams the latest stage of the agency’s 3D-Printed Habitat Centennial Challenge competition, which looks for sustainable housing solutions for Earth and beyond. ...

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