Dutch wool: from waste material to valuable product

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The Dutch collective Hollands Wol Collectief (Dutch Wool Collective) aims to process Dutch wool, currently seen as a waste product, locally and use it to make circular, high quality products. In the 18th and 19th ...

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More sustainable concrete made from recycled concrete and CO2

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Researchers at the University of Tokyo developed a more sustainable type of concrete made from waste concrete and carbon dioxide from the air or industrial exhaust gases. Concrete is the most used material in the ...

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Tomorrow’s Timber now available in Dutch as “De Houtbouw Revolutie”

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On Thursday 7 October, De Houtbouw Revolutie, Dutch edition of the book on timber construction Tomorrow’s Timber, was officially launched. Fred Schoorl, Thijs Kroese, and Jan van Barneveld received the first copies of the book ...

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Riding on space-approved flat-free tires

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The SMART Tire Company (STC), part of the FedTech NASA Startup Program, aims to make flat-free tires, originally developed for space travel, commercially available for terrestrial use. Since 1967, US-based space agency NASA has been ...

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A mass timber canopy with 3D printed colourful lights

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A group of architecture students from the Canadian University of Calgary completed a 70 feet long mass-timber canopy that includes interactive 3D printed colourful lights made of bioplastic. The canopy is meant improve the lighting ...

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Waterproof boots made from upcycled coffee grounds

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Japanese footwear brand Ccilu developed what they claim is the first all-season rainboot made from upcycled coffee grounds. With 25 billion kilograms of coffee waste produced every year, coffee grounds are a major source of ...

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