3D printed recyclable wind turbines

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Researches at Virginia Tech in the US are working on a method to create 3D printed wind turbines which are fully recyclable at end of life. Currently, wind turbines are made in off-site production facilities ...

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A 3D formed veneer chair

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Benjamin Hubert of design agency Layer designed a chair made of 3D formed timber veneer for Italian furniture company MDF Italia. Called Press, the lightweight chair shells are pressed from 3D-Veneer. The production process allows ...

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The world’s largest 3D printing project

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The first building of what is currently the world’s largest concrete 3D printing project has been realised, located in Den Helder, the Netherlands, by construction company Bruil. At Baskeweg, Den Helder, 154 apartments are renovated ...

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Staying cool with xylitol infused clothing

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Clothing brand A.brolly developed clothing infused with xylitol to keep the wearer cool during the summer. Called Kiiory Icy Mint, the clothing lightweight and breathable cotton fabric. It uses nanotechnology to blend food-grade xylitol into ...

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A tower made of self-shaped structural timber

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Researchers at the Institute of Computational Design and Construction at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, designed what they say is the first multi-level, walkable building to use self-shaped, structural timber components. Called the Wangen Tower, ...

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Crack-resistant concrete inspired by shells

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Researchers at the University of Princeton in the US developed a new cement composite that is 17 times more crack-resistant, which was inspired by shells. Under the influence of weather and temperature, common concrete is ...

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