Fungal integrated garments

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Designer Helena Elston explores the upcycling of textile waste combined with mycelial growth. Called FIG (Fungal Integrated Garments), the four-year project consists of a series of handmade, wearable clothing made from local London waste products, ...

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3D printed furniture made of coffee grounds

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Lowpoly, a Spanish 3D printing company, 3D printed furniture made with coffee grounds for a coffee shop in Barcelona. The coffee shop of D-Origen is located in the historic Casa Calvet, designed by Antoni Gaudí. ...

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The world’s first tall building made of engineered bamboo

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At Zhejiang University in China, a 6-storey building is constructed, consisting of mostly engineered bamboo, the first multi-storey building of this material. The building has a total hight of 20.3 metres and a floor area ...

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A transparent metamaterial for energy-efficient light and temperature regulation

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Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) developed a metamaterial that allows sunlight to enter, maintains a more comfortable indoor climate without additional energy, and cleans itself. The maximising of natural light in a ...

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A modular wind energy system made of recycled materials

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The company Airiva developed a modular, scalable and smart wind energy system consisting of an array of vertical wind turbines, made of recycled materials. Generally, wind turbines are long poles with three blades attached to ...

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A sound-suppressing silk fabric

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Researchers at MIT in the US developed a thin silk fabric that can be used to create quiet spaces. There are many acoustic materials on the market, creating less noisy and therefore more pleasant surroundings. ...

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