Furniture inlaid with shells and feathers

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Welsh designer Bethan Gray and material company Nature Squared collaborated for the project Exploring Eden, a collection of furniture and accessories inlaid with natural iridescent materials like feathers and shells. Nature Squared is a material ...

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A brick façade inspired by fabric folds

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Architectural firm Behet Bondzio Lin Architekten designed a brick façade that seems to move like fabric. The façade is designed for the building of the Association of the Northwest German Textile and Garment Industry. The ...

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A shoe made from only 1 material

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Sportswear brand Adidas introduces Futurecraft.Loop, sneakers made from only one recyclable material, eliminating the need to disassemble the shoe before reuse. The Futurecraft.Loop shoe is introduced as a ‘running shoe that is made to be ...

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Stronger than graphene: new wonder material borophene

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Researchers at MIT and Xiamen University in China discovered a number of remarkable properties of borophene, a 2D material that could push graphene out of the limelight. Graphene is considered to be a wonder material. ...

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Transparent wood could lead to more energy efficient homes

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Researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden developed a sturdy transparent wood material that is able to store and release heat. The transparent wood material was first reported on in early 2016 (read ...

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Tiles glazed with volcanic ash

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In collaboration with design studio Formafantasma, Dzek developed a collection of tiles, glazed with volcanic ash. ExCinere, as the collection is called, is range of tiles for both interior and exterior surfaces, from kitchen counters ...

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